Cunber[1]Evil SaiyanKanba In this state, he is simply known as the Evil Saiyan. Logically speaking, Jiren isn’t winning this. After forcing Vegito back with another Désastre Claw, the evil Saiyan launches a Power Ball into the air and immediately transforms into a Golden Great Ape. He continues his rampage, swatting away Super Saiyan Vegeta and Trunks effortlessly, tanking several of Golden Cooler's blasts and knocking him into the planet's barrier, causing several cracks to spread, and nearly crushing Super Saiyan Goku, who is forced to use Super Saiyan Blue and subsequently Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken to evade Cumber's attacks. In this state, his skin turns tanner and his eyes become pupil-less. Core Area Warriors After firing another Désastre Eraser which breaks through the barrier, Cumber is forced to cease his battle with Goku due to the arrival of Fu, who, after swiftly transforming into his Super Fu state, absorbs Cumber's Power Ball and effortlessly slashes him to the ground, knocking him out of his Golden Great Ape form. Fu goes back to his base form and leaves, so Cumber further increases his own power, becoming incredibly enraged at the sight of Goku using the Super Saiyan God transformation. After a mighty struggle, Xeno Vegito overpowers and seemingly defeats Cumber, pushing him into the final chain, destroying it and the seal around the Prison Planet. In the Prison Planet Saga, he was able to unleash a barrage of powerful blasts from his restrained body that forced base Goku and Vegeta to be on the defensive. Noticeably, the aura he produces is not a flowing golden one like the form's other users, but instead, he retains his usual aura: a column of solid black ki with a red inner area that crackles with black electricity. Golden Great Ape Cumber proves to be able to clash evenly with Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken Vegito - the battle between the two causing the Prison Planet's sealing spell to begin coming undone - however the strain of both Super Saiyan Blue and Kaio-ken proves too much for Vegito - who defuses. This event caused Goku to awaken in the state of Ultra Instinct -Sign-, using this power to repel and disperse Cumber's attack. In the manga, the restored Cumber is sent to Universe 11 where he battles the Pride Troopers Top and Dyspo. Cumber then fights Top once more, when Top takes on his Destroyer Form, Cumber responds by taking on his Super Saiyan 3 Full Power form and the two clash. Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Now, the villains are eager to test Jiren’s strength, and it looks like Cumber will get a one-on-one fight with the fighter for a bit. A fully-transformed Cumber glares at Vegito Blue. Goku having gained control of Ultra Instinct Sign helps separate Oren from Vegeta. As a Super Saiyan 3 Full Power, even when working with Hearts and Fused Zamasu the trio prove unable to defeat Super Full Power Jiren. Wiki. Previous holder of the Six-Star Special Dragon Ball - Implied to have been killed by Cumber in the game order to take his Dragon Ball. Main article: Universal Conflict Saga Evil Saiyan Cumber with his shadow hands active. Cumber retains his Evil Saiyan states traits when utilizing his transformed states. X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken Goku and Super Fu working together are able to hold their own against Golden Great Ape Cumber, though he has the advantage. Cumber vs Jiren. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! The combined kick of Super Saiyan God Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta is able to knock Cumber down, however he remains undamaged and removes his restraints. Super Saiyan 3 Full Power Cumber. In this form, he can unleash Mouth Blasts that are sustainable, even be used in a sweeping nature take out more than one target in one pass. I'm getting excited!". After Kamioren's defeat by Jiren, the heavily injured and exhausted Cumber then staggers to his feet, meekly demanding Jiren fight him, only to be taken away by a Time-Space Portal against his will. The Jiren wank among the Dragon Ball community is absolutely ridiculous. Cumber returns shortly afterward and unleashes a barrage of ki blasts before charging up a powerful energy sphere, launching it at Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta, overwhelming them. Cumber appears to have some bad history with the Super Saiyan God as once he first saw Goku turn Super Saiyan God, he became very agitated at the presence of a red-haired Saiyan. Cumber is violent and savage, befitting of him being called the "Evil Saiyan" by Fu. After a clash, Cumber transforms into his Super Saiyan 3 form and begins to overwhelm Xeno Vegito. Cooler transforms into Golden Meta-Cooler, stating his intention to not hold back, even despite the evil Saiyan's weakened state. Cumber in SDBH Universe Mission 4. God_of_Magic 9 months ago #33. Their arrival prompts Cumber to state that he does not know who they are but is willing to take on all challengers. He wears a long black coat over a yellow belt and red pants, in addition to red gloves and an orange visor over his eyes. In the game, the combined might of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta is enough to beat back the restrained Evil Saiyan. When faced against Ultra Instinct Goku, Cumber is not able to land a single blow and is effortlessly pummeled before being just as easily defeated by Goku's Kamehameha. In this form, his muscles bulge further while gaining protruding veins about his body and his eyes become blank akin to a berserker-state. The two prove even, however their battle is interrupted by Kamioren - who has taken a small amount of power from the Universe Seed to transform. Professional Status Race When Vegito amplifies his power using the Kaio-ken, Cumber decides to get serious and transforms into a Golden Great Ape. So anything can happen. Goku vs. Goku! He is the secondary antagonist of the Prison Planet Saga and one of the antagonists of the Universal Conflict Saga. The restrained Evil Saiyan is forced to retreat after Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Golden Cooler free Goku from his control. Cumber (Evil Saiyan/Base/Super Saiyan 3 Full Power) vs. Cumber (Base/Super Saiyan 3) vs. Meta-Cooler (Base/Golden Meta-Cooler). UVM3, Goku: "Yep, it's the first time I saw someone like him. The Evil Saiyan's Rampage! Kanbā Cumber begins to charge a giant Désastre Eraser, which prompts Vegito Blue to respond with a Final Kamehameha. Allegiance Being the Evil Saiyan he is surrounded by an extremely malicious aura that can cause other Saiyans to become Super Saiyan (Berserk). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Who is more powerful? It was shown in Super Dragonball Heroes that Jiren could completely dominate even Fused Zamasu with one arm, meanwhile he didn’t even need to use his full power against Cumber like he did with Goku in the Tournament of Power. In this form, his hair spikes out more wildly than usual and he loses his eyebrows, instead of being replaced by a very pronounced brow ridge. In the game's openings, Cumber appears to be incredibly powerful, as him powering up was enough to cause Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks to transform straight to Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Rage respectively in order to attack him with their strongest beam attacks from the start. I believe in the manga he did. [7] Unlike other Golden Great Apes, he has an unusual orange tinge to his fur and is much larger than usual. The intensity of this form's energy is so great that upon entering it, it causes his shirt to be shredded from his chest. Cumber (Base/Super Saiyan/Golden Great Ape) vs. Cumber (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Goku (Autonomous Ultra Instinct), Cumber (Super Saiyan 3), Hearts, and Oren Vegeta (Strongest Form 1) vs. Goku (Base/Ultra Instinct Sign), Cumber (Super Saiyan 3) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue), Cumber (Super Saiyan 3/Super Saiyan 3 Full Power) vs. Top (Base/Destroyer Form), Cumber (Power-sealed) vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 2) and Vegeta, Cumber (Evil Saiyan) vs. Future Trunks (Super Saiyan/Base) and Cooler (Golden Cooler), Cumber (Evil Saiyan/Base/Golden Great Ape) vs. Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken), Cumber (Golden Great Ape) vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) and Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan), Cumber (Golden Great Ape) vs. Future Trunks (Super Saiyan), Cumber (Golden Great Ape) vs. Vegeta and Future Trunks, Cumber (Golden Great Ape) vs. Cooler (Golden Cooler), Cumber (Golden Great Ape) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken), Cumber (Golden Great Ape) vs. Fu (Super Fu), Cumber (Evil Saiyan) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan God/Base). In the anime, Cumber first used this form against Jiren, while in the manga he utilized it to battle Destroyer Form Top. When not using his Evil Aura, Cumber has a purple aura.[3]. He then takes Xeno Vegito's place in battle against the evil Saiyan, their beams clashing as the Prison Planet begins to disappear, leaving their fates unknown. An unconscious and battered Goku was then only saved by the timely appearance of Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta, both who were in Super Saiyan 4. That sounds awesome, I say Golden Metal Cooler would win and here is my reasoning ; Golden Metal Cooler is made so any flaws in his design are to be fixed immediately oh and lets not forget this is *GOLDEN* Metal Cooler. In this state, he is able to access the maximum power of Super Saiyan 3 with no apparent time limit or strain. Debuts Goku then proceeded to enter the completed Ultra Instinct state. He attempts to continue his battle with Jiren, only for it to be cut short by the arrival of Hearts, who commands Oren to face Jiren instead. Goku takes a barrage of attacks culminating in his eventual defeat. Cumber is forced into this restrained state by the power-sealing straitjacket placed on him by Fu. After removing his restraints he is able to fight against Vegito Blue, though it is apparent that Vegito gained the edge as Cumber became a Super Saiyan while they were fighting, later Vegito Blue decided to get serious in order to defeat Cumber, using Kaio-ken to double his power.